London born, Dallas based artist and designer, Nosheen Iqbal, produces artwork and accessories with a new approach to handmade artistry. Combining natural and modern materials with an age old technique to create an innovative form of visual art. Soft, vibrant threads and colorful pigments create a contrast against the natural grains of solid woods, bamboo and veneer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

karen bit vejle

just as you think paper cutting can't get anymore intricate...and then you are mesmerized by these fantastic creations by karen bit vejle.

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freshlychopped said...

hi nosheen! these are beautiful and so intricate. do you think you will have new veneers in your shop soon? I am saving up...

i was also curious if you would be doing any shows in austin in the future? renegade handmade is coming here which is popular so i thought you might be coming down for that one and i could stalk your booth and grab my veneer before someone else does! hope you've had a good holiday. : )