London born, Dallas based artist and designer, Nosheen Iqbal, produces artwork and accessories with a new approach to handmade artistry. Combining natural and modern materials with an age old technique to create an innovative form of visual art. Soft, vibrant threads and colorful pigments create a contrast against the natural grains of solid woods, bamboo and veneer.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

illustration play

i received a new book about a week ago filled with fabulous artists creating pieces by non traditional methods. i have always been drawn to artists who use unconventional and innovative ways to produce artwork. from cut paper, needlework to unusual fabrics. its no longer about what is being created but more so the technique that leaves an impression in your mind.
i have to say my favorite illustrators right now include lisa soloman, carolina melis and peter callesen.

illustration play

i could do with a thimble

i haven't posted in what seems like forever. i've been slaving away on a project for a store window for Hermes Paris in highland park, dallas. its taking a lot longer than i estimated but i'm almost done. i am stitching on 4 panels each about 2ft by 5ft...this in fact is the biggest piece of artwork i've ever produced. once its completed, it will be framed and installed in the store window.
the first image is before i embroidered through the wood...i love the way it looks for just the holes. the last image is of the complete horse minus the tail which i will embroider tonight..if the rain permits.

i enjoyed the colorfulness of this project and especially producing something that is derived from my own culture. i was commissioned to all four hands which will be appearing in the same store. i also incorporated cuttings of vintage saris that i nabbed from my mothers closet.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

thank you

thank you so much irene for posting about me on your wonderful blog!